Advertising in Newspapers Can Still Be Profitable With Affordable Newspaper Advertising Rates

Brad has a small brick-and-mortar business selling hobby models and equipment. Ellen works from her home baking cakes for special occasions. Both of them face the same problem-getting the word out to potential customers. There are literally thousands of entrepreneurs like Brad and Ellen who know that advertising is a key point in the survival of their businesses.Advertising in newspapers is a tried and true method of doing just that, but the field has changed drastically over the past couple of decades. Recognizing the changes, both Brad and Ellen and others just like them have recognized that diverting their attention from running a business to do the research and planning necessary for a newspaper advertising campaign has become much more than simply drawing up a tersely worded notice.College Newspaper AdvertisingFortunately for people like Brad and Ellen there are newspaper advertising entrepreneurs who specialize in helping their clients with planning their advertising, providing newspaper advertising rates, seeing that it is well worded, and getting it placed in the publications that will do them the most good. Ellen was surprised to learn that she could place her ads in college campus newspapers which could result in getting her numerous jobs from young ladies who were planning their weddings. Her newspaper advertising specialist had already done the legwork necessary to give her price quotes, submission deadlines, and alternative places to place her tightly budgeted advertising.Small Well-Designed AdsBrad, on the other hand, saw his business as one that could easily cover a much larger area where people could order model planes, cars, and other hobby kits. His specialist suggested putting small, well-designed ads in local publications-small town weekly newspapers, club and organization newsletters, as well as in some trade publications. His ads stressed personalized service along with support for problems his customers might encounter.Display Advertising Might Work Better for Some BusinessesAs Brad’s business grew, so did his advertising needs. His newspaper advertising specialist was ready to offer him more choices than just advertising in newspapers. He was able to get advice on when display advertising might work better for him than newspaper classified advertising. He was able to expand the range of his advertising by placing some ads in magazines and various local publications.Both Brad and Ellen were able to devote their concentration on the day-to-day running of their businesses, secure in the knowledge that their advertising specialist had a clear eye on the possibilities that would best benefit their operations. The outstanding newspaper advertising specialist has done the homework necessary for knowing the business, making personal contacts with important publications, and keeping abreast of the various places where product and service specific businesses can expect the best return on their advertising dollar.Brad and Ellen and the countless others like them will likely never grow so big that they can hire a large advertising agency to work up Super Bowl promotions. But they are well aware that small and medium sized businesses need expert advice and assistance with their advertising programs as well. That is the very reason that advertising services have become indispensable in a world where making a business known is vital to survival.Advertising in newspapers is still a profitable option for businesses large and small.